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Authentic Real Japanese Ramen『一杯入魂』

Every bowl of our ramen is made with our love and dedication, simply because we just want to see you smile.
The name ISSHIN comes from the Japanese word “ISSHINFURAN” which means to be wholehearted, “ICHIGOICHIE” meaning that every bowl is a new experience, and “IPPAINYUKON” meaning dedication.

たったいっぱいの、らーめんだからこそ精一杯『心』と『思い』を込めて『一心不乱』にラーメンをつくる。 それはただ、あなたの笑顔がみたいから


Provide a delicious Japanese ramen
  • The concept is "delicious ramen just like the ones you find in Japan". We make ramen that is complete as one meal. That's why we pursues only seriously delicious ramen. Ramen Isshin notably offers ramen that would make you want to eat every day even while you are abroad.
  • 一杯で一食をまかなえるらーめん。だからこそ、ただ旨いらーめんを。海外で毎日でも食べたい、クセになるらーめんを目指しています。
Expand Isshin across North America
  • Isshin’s aims to be the restaurant that is not just a ramen shop, but a place that is loved and open to the locals, who are not familiar with Japanese food culture. Meanwhile, we managed controlling its operational procedures, such as developing soup and noodle, securing essential ingredients and staffing. Our management team is separate from our in-store operations, which is significantly important to make Canada-wide multi-store development happen.
  • 『デザイン』『味』『サービス』『雰囲気』全てが、本当の日本かのような演出を目指しました。 日本に行ったことのある方もない方も、日本では当たり前の味やサービスをここカナダで体験できるよう、スタッフの 育成に力を注ぎました。
Particular about interior
  • Isshin’s interior is designed and done by our company, and the beautiful mural painting was done by Mr.Hiroshi Yamamoto. Mt. Fuji and Kenninji temple’s "Painting of two dragons" are drawn together to represent Japanese spirits.
  • 内装、デザインは自社で施工しています。日本人としての想いを込め、トロント店の壁画は Hiroshi Yamamoto氏に 双龍図と共に富士山を描いてもらいました。