KINGYO Toronto
  • 51B Winchester St
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Kingyo Toronto is my first location where I was able to express the passion inside of me. Visualizing the restaurant filled with customers, I designed the layout and workflow using the experience I have gained in the 19 years of experience in running restaurants.
  • 日々の『日常』では味わえない、洗練された『非日常空間』の中での満ち足りた時間の提供と共に、他店では味わえない『日本のおもてなし』を体感できるレストランです。
  • With knowledge and experience for the 19 years training, I created this restaurant from scratch with my own hands. What I aimed for is "IZAKAYA" style that everyone can be satisfy. Sticking to cooking, method of serving and atmosphere of the store, I wish that "IZAKAYA" style would be loved by Canadian.
  • 店舗のデザイン、施工、メニュー、システム、スタッフ育成まで全てにおいてシェフとしての今までの25年以上の経験を生かし、仲間と共にカナダで味わえる『本物の日本』を目指し立ち上げたお店です。
Staff is the Leading Role
  • Kingyo must display beautiful decorations, a clean environment along with delicious dishes. We want customers to be so impressed with all facets of our business that you will want to come back. Our staff will amaze you and this service alone will make you want to return again. We want Kingyo to leave this impression in all that visit us. Kingyo was created with an environment that encourages staff to think independently, express themselves and maximize their owner personalities and traits.
  • 綺麗なデザインの店舗や旨い料理はあくまでもレスランとしての最低基準であると考えます。金魚の目標とは金魚で働く人材の育成であり、そのスタッフがお客様に驚きと感動を演出しまた来店したいと思える大切な場所にすることです。スタッフが自ら考え自分を表現できる人材を育てることと共に、彼らの持ち味を最大限に発揮できる環境作りを実践しています。